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C O N S T E L L A T I O N Product code: CFSCONS Constellation is a loop pile contract carpet tile. Available in 15 colours, 100% PA SDN. C O N S T R U C T I O N Pile Content 100% PA SDN Pile Type Loop Pile Dimensions 50cm x 50cm Backing Bitumen Gauge 1/10 Pile Weight 770g/m² Pile Height 3.00mm Total Weight 4525g/m² Total Height 6.00mm Photography shows the colours as closely as possible but CFS cannot guarantee the colours chosen; please order free samples to make sure you are happy with the style and colour. 2 PHOENIX 151 TAURUS 76 VIRGO 142 PISCES 73 HERCULES 20 ARIES 80 LIBRA 42 CRATER 83 CRUX 74 SCORPIO 78 LEO 120 CAPRICORN 77 BELLATRIX 90 LYNX 151 COLUMBA 70 NEW REQUEST SAMPLE 31. CONTRACT CARPET TILES - CONSTELLATION GET A QUOTE Q