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Your ticket to luxury rewards! Earn Points For every £100 you spend on qualifying products we’ll automatically add 1 point to your account. Plus, there are thousands of products worth 2, 3 and even 5 points too! Pick Your Rewards Working out what you would like to spend your points on? Head online and you can add any of the Red Carpet Club’s stunning rewards to your very own ‘Wish List’. Spend, Spend, Spend! Once you hit that magical points total - it’s time to claim your well-earned reward! From holidays to hampers, just log into your account, choose what you want and claim it. It’s really that simple… You will need your account number and password Not a Red Carpet Club member yet? It’s FREE, it's online 1 2 3 Yours from 279 Points Yours from 29 Points Yours from 63 Points Yours from 406 Points Yours from 48 Points Yours from 190 Points Visit The Club Join The Club